Kick Rodents to the Curb

We specialize in rat and mouse removal in Middletown & Santa Rosa, CA

Maybe you've noticed gnaw marks on your walls or droppings in your kitchen. No matter where you've found signs of a rodent infestation, Parker Pest Pro can treat the root cause of your pest problems.

We serve residential and commercial clients throughout the Middletown & Santa Rosa, CA area. Call us today to schedule mouse or rat removal services.

We can keep pesky rodents out

We can keep pesky rodents out

When you choose us for rat or mouse removal, you'll find we do more than get rid of the rodent infestation in your home or office building. We can also prevent future infestations of these unwelcomed guests. As part of our rat and mouse removal services, we'll seal openings that mice and rats could crawl through. These include:

  • Weep holes in your exterior walls
  • Gaps between your walls and utility lines
  • Air ducts and roof vents

We'll even clean up all signs of the infestation afterwards. You can count on us to leave your Middletown & Santa Rosa, CA-area home or office rodent-free. Contact us today for a free estimate on mouse or rat removal services.